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Support Groups

Caregiver Support
One of the biggest problems Caregivers face is simply realizing they are Caregivers!  Caregivers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and often it grows slowly and adds up over time and grows in intensity.  Many Caregivers realize the extent of the care they are providing during the time of a crisis. Several parishioners have expressed an interest in coming to a time of support for caregivers at Holy Family. This would be for adults who are caring for their aging parents or elderly loved ones. We know that the role of caregiver to those whose health is a struggle can be taxing physically and emotionally, and also cause questions on spirituality, human suffering, dignity, and other matters. This group is held the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm, and will last about an hour.  The group will not start out with a speaker or a set agenda, but rather would have parishioners gather to share a little bit of their journey, find support in one another's common realities, and spend some time in prayer. If you would be interested in support like this, please contact the Parish Office Please pass this along to anyone you think could benefit, as well. 

Spiritual Care or Support
Holy Family Parish is a community who grows together and cares for one another. If you or a family
member are ill, going for surgery, experiencing a loss of a loved one, unemployed, living with a chronic illness, in the dying process, battling an addiction, experiencing marriage difficulties, pregnant, caring for your aging parent, experiencing parenting hardships, struggling with depression or anxiety, dealing with a troubling time at work, and the list goes on, please don’t hesitate to contact your parish for additional support and care on your journey. We have many ways of helping make your burdens a little lighter. Maybe our meal ministry could help, a referral to a support group or spiritual director, someone to pray with you or visit you, or even our prayer lines could pray for you. Your situation might also be the reason the parish needs to begin a support group or provide resources for those in a similar situation as you are. Please email the Parish Office  or call 616-891-9259 to let your parish care for you.

Grief Ministry
“Blessed are those who weep and mourn for they shall be comforted…”
The bereavement ministry offers comfort and support  for parishioners after the death of a loved one by journeying with them through the grief process in several ways.  Please contact the parish office at 616-891-9259 for more information.

Divorce Ministry/Support
Holy Family offers support and concern for those separated or divorced.  We reach out with care for children in the family and the person experiencing divorce through support groups, prayers, cards and notes of support, referrals as requested, and a caring Companion Minister if interested.
Several times per year, we offer a divorce care program for divorced and separated Catholics, “The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide”.  It is centered on twelve professionally mastered DVD shows featuring twelve REAL LIFE divorce stories of hope and healing. They are young and old; their spouse left some of them. Others felt forced to file for divorce. Regardless, no one wanted to end up this way. They are worried about their kids, money, the future, what others will say, and what the church says about state of life. Can they go to Communion? Are they excommunicated? Do they have to get an annulment? These are questions they had, and ones others may have, too. With each DVD there is time for discussion, reflection and support. Watch the bulletin/newsletter for dates and times the group will begin.

If you are experiencing separation, divorce or would like information on annulment, please contact the parish office for support and resources. 

Cancer Support and Prayer Group
The meetings will offer an opportunity for support through prayer, open discussion about one’s own personal experiences and challenges, resources available in our community, speakers on topics such as nutrition, side effects, stress, communication, care options, saints to look to, and ways to support one another.  This support group is to allow persons touched by cancer to be with others touched by cancer to gain insight, support, pray for one another, and share in a warmhearted and understanding environment.  Those with cancer, survivors, and caregivers are welcome; all ages, stages & diagnoses.  The group will meet each third Thursday of the month.  Please share this with your friends and family.
If you have questions, want to be on the contact list/register, or have an interest in assisting with this ministry, please contact the Parish Office, parish office or 891-9259.

Support Group for Parents of Special Needs Children & Adults
“Never Alone” Special Needs Parent Support is a monthly support group for parents (or primary care givers) of children and adults with special needs. The mission is to provide a supportive environment where we can help each other to cope with life in a positive way, share experiences, discuss various topics and resources, pray together, and find support in the church for our special families.
Childcare may be provided with advanced registration of at least one week ahead of the meetings.  Please contact the Parish Office to register and get on the contact list, parish office or 616-891-9259.