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Discipleship Classes for Homeschoolers and for Special Needs

Discipleship for Children with Special Needs
We would like to help provide Discipleship opportunities for all of our parish children in the way that best suits the child’s formational needs.  We can offer to support children with special learning, behavioral, emotional or physical needs in a number of ways, depending on the level or type of need. If a child would benefit more from an alternative Discipleship program (perhaps small group or special friend) rather than our mainstreamed classroom format, we work with parent(s) in providing the appropriate formation.  Please contact the Parish Office for more information.


LANE Kids Homeshool (Grades k-6 available)
Some families elect to provide religious formation for their children through home-study rather than formal parish in-person classes.  Our parish provides uses the online LANE Kids programming for homeschoolers and also may provide resources, textbooks and support to parents choosing this method.  Contact the Parish Office for more information.

Please Note:  Because of the communal nature of the Sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation, it is preferred that children be prepared through in-person parish Discipleship classes.  LANE Kids programming is not available for Middle or High School, however, we take the need for homeschooling seriously and will review each request in a case by case manner.