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Elementary Faith Formation Ministry

Elementary Faith Formation (gr. K-5)

“…Imagine the power of families taking up the great commission to reflect the love and mercy of God, gently and confidently sharing their hope and their joy in Jesus!” - Tom Quiniann

Holy Family Elementary CFF programming this year will take place in the loving embrace of the Domestic Church.

In building a strong foundation for life-long faith; Elementary programming will shift towards a relationship-based/accompaniment model of Family based Formation that:

  • Provides “back to basics” bite-sized formation that engages the entire family
  • Encourages the development of evangelization skills, through love and service to others, and through modeling living the faith in everyday life. (Service Project Assistant Coordinators *needed) (If you signed up in a support volunteer position, helping with the service projects may be a good substitute fit for you.)
  • Supports and encourages parents and families in their formation through partnerships with Catechist Mentors. (Certified Catechists *needed. Certification help is provided.)
  • Empowers families to continue to create space and time for formation that fits their schedule
  • Continues to form and support families in the development of their faith and in relationship with each other and the larger church family. (Family Support/Prayer Partner *needed)

*In providing a program that nourishes and supports the Domestic Church, we still need a network of reliable, loving adults to help facilitate this growing ministry.  Please see page 6 additional info on these volunteer opportunities.

Program Info:

2nd grade will continue to use Dynamic Catholic “Blessed” series.

All other elementary grades will move to Growing Up Catholic “Faith Stories”:  This program can best be described as a Catholic family bible study (please note this is not a digital program, there will be physical books/materials). With these material families will be invited to:

* Read a short passage or bible story from the text together

* Have family discussion (questions provided)

* a simple activity (there are different activities for younger/older kids)

* prayer experience

This year the materials focus on the Old Testament and how God calls all of us to Mission. Lessons typically take around 30-45 mins. and can be broken down into smaller time frames as needed.


2020 Holy Family Elementary CFF details

How it will work:

  1. Students will have a physical book for lessons.
  2. Families are invited to engage in lessons in their home, tailoring it to their specific needs.
  3. Families will be learning face to face with each other and could easily include extended family if they choose.
  4. Families will be invited to participate in service projects, prayer experiences, (and hopefully larger group gatherings as restrictions lessen).
  5. Digital content will be offered for lesson extensions, families are responsible for monitoring any digital use by their children.
  6. Coordinator will provide guidance on lessons and support through an emailed monthly newsletter style format.
  7. Catechist Mentors will regularly check in with families to answer family questions, encourage parents, and assist coordinator as needed.

For the Faith Formation Registration forms for the 2020-21 year:  click here. 

If you have questions, contact Lesley Jeruzal Elementary CFF Coordinator or call the CFF office at 891-8867.