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A Catholic declaration of nullity, commonly referred to as an “annulment”, is a difficult issue for many Catholics. It is also widely misunderstood both by the Catholic faithful and those outside of the Church. The process often looks and feels like it is juridical and yet most of those who go through the process report how it has brought closure and a sense of peace.  
It is our hope that through the questions and answers below that the divorced reader is both informed and encouraged to participate in this healing process concerning a difficult time in their life.
It is important to note that each Diocese has its own set of processes and guidelines.

You may down load the official diocesan brochure on the Grand Rapids Tribunal procedures here.

How do I get started?

If you are a parishioner of Holy Family, email the Parish Office or call 616-891-9259 and ask for an appointment with a procurator/advocate to meet with you to discuss the annulment process.